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Compulocks Rise Freedom Multimedia-Ständer Weiß...
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Maclocks Rise Freedom Rolling Kiosk is a full featured secure iPad work station perfect for integrating and deploying tablets into a variety of mobile-connected environments.- Hospital and clinic medical cart, adheres to safety standards required for a healthcare device- Warehouse or retail work station, easily keep tabs on inventory and provide in-store customer service- Free standing mobile point of sale terminal for those busy shopping events and holidays- Temporary office work station for crowded offices or alternative to the traditional desk- Mobile podium for lectures, religious service, musical performances and conferencesThe sleek rolling Rise Freedom is a specialized product, it gives you the ability to pair a tablet and keyboard in one base. You can choose from a number of configurations to have it fit your specific needs. The adjustable metal pole is the core of this product offering full cable management and it is made up of the highest quality materials. It allows you to change the height of this workstation and lets users sit or stand for a healthier way to work.

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